Basic Knowledge – What is Hosting

The topic hosting or web hosting related to a domain or Internet address is still floating around for many people. Unfortunately, a large part of the population can not do much with the term hosting. Therefore, we would like to give a little insight into the topic today.

Basically, it comes with hosting the provision of Internet sites and Internet addresses. This web addresses you know from daily use. For example, enter a and then get an internet company Google appears.

A web hosting provider is a company that provides space on a mainframe available to access this website on the Internet so you never have to remember complicated IP address. Internet addresses were introduced with letters and numbers and specific extensions such as .com.

If you happened to visit a website following: Your computer makes a request to the so-called name servers of your Internet access provider (the provider which you connect to the Internet with) to convert the web address in the IP address (the address of the mainframe). After the address is converted to the request via so-called router through the various global networks is passed through to the destination address.

Your request lands now in corresponding server (so the mainframe is called), and generates a process of the website provided. The data is generated and converted into data packets. These data packets from now on global lines back up to your local computer. The website is loaded onto your computer, so to speak. After the website is now available on your computer, the so-called Internet browser access and view the Web page. For the provision of such a complex technology, you need a web hosting provider.

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