SEO Hosting C Class 5 new network account possible

Dear customers of memory center, as promised, we are expanding our SEO hosting deal. From today you 5 new SEO accounts are to book in the customer available.

If sufficiently accounts are booked we build in the coming weeks from the infrastructure. We want to offer to the end of the year more than 30 different Class C network accounts. Because of the increased effort in the area of ​​SEO hosting and the integration of new systems partner for the hosting company, we have the price for SEO account (existing accounts remain unchanged) to 95 cents a month adjusted. For the memory limit in these accounts is already optimized with 128MB on WordPress.

The book, as always: SEO Hosting

We hope to have you, thus creating added value.

WordPress Hosting at Speicherzentrum.

For more than 10 years storage center is the absolute specialist for hosting content management and blog systems. After our system, our website and our listings reboot storage center offers professional WordPress hosting. The special blog hosting distinguished both by its special WordPress PHP configuration and through our extended support from WordPress. We have optimized our storage center server for high utilization and build the system every day further.

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